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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with Chapter Numbers

Like page numbers, you can insert chapter numbers into documents that will be part of a book. Unlike a page number, a chapter number is a predefined text variable. The chapter number variable can be updated automatically and formatted as text. To insert a chapter number variable, create a text box, place the insertion point in the box, and then insert the variable using the Text Variable submenu on the Type menu. You can use the Numbering & Section Options dialog box to change updating options for chapter numbers.

Add a Chapter Number to a Document

  • yellow_circle_01.jpg Select the Pages panel.
    • You can also click the Window menu, and then click Pages.
  • yellow_circle_02.jpg Double-click the page or master page where you want to place a chapter number.
  • yellow_circle_03.jpg Select the Type tool on the Tools panel.
  • yellow_circle_04.jpg Click where you want to create a text box for the chapter number.
  • yellow_circle_05.jpg Click the Type menu, point to Text Variables, point to Insert Variable, and then click Chapter Number.

Set Chapter Numbering Options

  • yellow_circle_01.jpg Select the Pages panel.
  • yellow_circle_02.jpg Double-click the page where you want to start the chapter numbering.
  • yellow_circle_03.jpg Click the Layout menu, and then click Numbering & Section Options.
  • yellow_circle_04.jpg Click the Style list arrow, and then select a chapter numbering style.
  • yellow_circle_05.jpg Select one of the following options:
    • Automatic Chapter Numbering.
    • Start Chapter Numbering At. Enter a starting chapter number.
    • Same as Previous Document in the Book.
  • yellow_circle_06.jpg Click OK.
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