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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with Page Numbers and Sections

One of the most common elements added to a master page is a page number. InDesign uses a special character to designate page numbers. On a master page, simply create a text box, place the insertion point in the box, and then insert the current page number marker. You can also insert and format additional text and variables in the text box to create a header or footer across the top or bottom of the page. You can also use the Numbering & Section Options dialog box to change the format of page numbers or the starting page number. If you want to insert text before the page number, you can specify a section prefix. In addition to page numbers, you can also define a section within a document with separate numbering. A section indicator icon (black triangle) appears above the page thumbnail in the Pages panel.

Add a Page or Section Number to a Page Master

  • yellow_circle_01.jpg Select the Pages panel.
    • You can also click the Window menu, and then click Pages.
  • yellow_circle_02.jpg Double-click the master page in the master page area of the Pages panel.

    The master page or two page spread appears in the document window.

  • yellow_circle_03.jpg Select the Type tool on the Tools panel.
  • yellow_circle_04.jpg Click where you want to create a text box for the page or section number.
  • yellow_circle_05.jpg Click the Type menu, point to Insert Special Character, point to Markers, and then click Current Page Number or Section Marker.

    A special character marker appears in the text box. The current page or section number is the prefix for the master page.

  • yellow_circle_06.jpg For facing pages, repeat steps 3-5 for the other page.

Set Page Numbering and Section Options

  • yellow_circle_01.jpg Select the Pages panel.
  • yellow_circle_02.jpg Double-click the page where you want to start the page numbering or section to start.
  • yellow_circle_03.jpg Click the Layout menu, and then click Numbering & Section Options.
  • yellow_circle_04.jpg Select the Start Section check box to start a new section.
  • yellow_circle_05.jpg Click the Automatic Page Numbering or Start Page Numbering At option.
  • yellow_circle_06.jpg If you selected the Start Page Numbering At option, specify the following options:
    • Section Prefix. Enter a prefix that will appear before the page number, if desired.

    • Style. Select a style for the page number.

    • Section Marker. Enter text, such as Section, for a section within a document.

    • Include Prefix When Numbering Pages. Select this option if you want to add the section prefix to the page number.

  • yellow_circle_07.jpg Click OK.

    A section indicator icon (black triangle) appears above the page thumbnail in the Pages panel.

  • yellow_circle_08.jpg Double-click the page where you want the section to end, and then repeat steps 3-7 for section numbering (except, in this case, you will need to deselect the Start Section check box).
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