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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Publishing a Presentation

Those who can't be there for the group presentation are not completely out of the loop. (Or maybe the presentation is something you want to share with the world—an overview of your company, for example.) When you publish a presentation on the Web, anyone who has the URL can view the presentation at his or her leisure. You can also embed a presentation on an existing web page. This section tells you how to do both.

Publishing a Presentation on the Web

When you publish a presentation on the Web, Zoho embeds your presentation in a web page where people can view it at their own pace and, if they want, leave a comment on it. Viewers can find your presentation via its URL or (if you want) through Zoho's list of public presentations.

To publish a presentation on the Web, follow these steps:

  1. In Show, open the presentation you want to publish. Click Publish to open the Make Public dialog box shown in Figure 3.16.
    Figure 3.16

    Figure 3.16 Publish a presentation on the Web with the Make Public dialog box.

  2. The Make Public dialog box requires a couple decisions. To update the public presentation every time you make changes to it in Zoho Show, make sure that the box labeled Automatically Re-Publish When Document Is Modified is checked. And if you want the presentation to be included on Zoho's massive list of public presentations (at http://show.zoho.com/latest), leave the Show in Zoho Public Presentation List box checked.
  3. Click Make Public & Continue.

Zoho publishes your presentation to the Web and changes the Make Public dialog box to reflect this. To view the presentation, click the This Presentation Is Publicly Available at the Following URL link, or copy the link in the box below it and paste it into the address bar of your web browser. The link looks something like this:

  • http://show.zoho.com/public/yourZohoID/Presentation%20Name

You can email that link to others right from Zoho. (Click the Email link and provide addresses separated by commas.)

Embedding a Presentation in an Existing Web Page

You may have a website where you want to show the presentation to anyone who visits the site. For example, you could feature a presentation about new products on your company's home page. The first step in doing this is to publish the presentation, as described in the previous section. When you've done that, the Make Public dialog box changes to give the URL of the published presentation. It also gives you HTML code that you can use to embed the presentation in your own web page.

Open the published presentation in Show and then click the Publish button. In the top section of the dialog box is a snippet of HTML code that looks something like this:

<iframe src="https://show.zoho.com/embed?USER=yourZohoID&DOC=
Presentation%20Name&IFRAME=yes" height="335" width="450"
name="Presentation Name" scrolling=no frameBorder="0"
style="border:1px solid #AABBCC"></iframe>

Copy the code snippet and paste it into an HTML document. Upload the document to your site, and the presentation appears there.

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