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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Sharing a Presentation

When you're on a team that's creating a presentation together, Show enables you to invite others to work on the presentation you created. Everyone edits the same version, so when a colleague makes changes to your presentation, you (and everyone else you've invited) see those changes the next time you open the presentation.

To get more people on board—whether as viewers or full collaborators—open the presentation you want to share and click Share to open the dialog box shown in Figure 3.13. You can invite people to view your presentation without the ability to change it (Read Only Members) or give them full editing privileges (Read/Write Members). Type or paste in individual email addresses (use commas to separate them). Alternatively, you can click Add Contacts to choose from a list of your Zoho contacts. If you're inviting a group, click the Add Groups link and choose from the list that opens. To create a brand-new group, click Add Group, Manage Groups, Create New Group. Then follow the instructions in Chapter 1 for creating a group.

Figure 3.13

Figure 3.13 Invite individuals or groups to share a presentation.

If you want Zoho to shoot you an email when a collaborator has made changes to your presentation, make sure the Notify Me box is checked.

You can send Zoho's standard email or add a custom message of your own. Click the Edit Invitation Email button to expand the Share This Document dialog box. A new text box appears on the right where can type your message.

When everything's all set, click Share to send out your invitations and add these people to your presentation.

Show lets just one person at a time edit a presentation. So when a collaborator signs in and starts editing a presentation, it's locked to everyone else. On your Zoho home page, the presentation is listed as "locked for editing"; if you try to open it, Zoho tells you who's working on it right now and gives you the option to view the presentation (read only) as a slideshow (see the next section).

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