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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Presentation Views

Sometimes you want to work on a presentation one slide at a time; other times, you want to get an overview of the presentation as a whole. And eventually, of course, you're going to want to give the presentation a trial run. As you're working on a presentation, you have the following options for viewing it:

  • Normal View—This view displays your presentation in the optimal way for working on individual slides: The slide sorter pane on the left, the slide editor in the middle, and a right-side pane for activities such as adding shapes or tags, changing the theme, and viewing the presentation's history. This is the default view when you create or open a presentation. If you're in a different view, get back to Normal View by selecting Slide View, Normal View.
  • Master View—If you want to change the look, size, or style of the standard fonts in a presentation, switch to Master View (Slide View, Master View). This view shows two master slides: Title Master and Slide Master (see Figure 3.4). Any changes you make to these master slides automatically apply to all the slides in the presentation.
    Figure 3.4

    Figure 3.4 Tweak the formatting of all slides in a presentation using the master slide.

  • Sorter View—Shown in Figure 3.5, Sorter View gives you an overview of your presentation as a whole. From here, you can easily move slides around. To switch to Sorter View, select Slide View, Sorter View.
    Figure 3.5

    Figure 3.5 Sorter View shows thumbnails of all the slides in your presentation.

  • Slideshow—Before you share your presentation, you'll want to give it a couple of run-throughs to make sure everything looks okay. To view your presentation as a slideshow, click Slideshow in the top row of toolbar buttons. This previews the slideshow in a new window. And, of course, if you're giving an onsite slideshow (as opposed to one that brings together remote users from different locations), this is the button to click to start your show.
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