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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

2.2 About You—Your Home Page

zembly is about people like you who participate in building and publishing widgets, services, and other objects. The You tab takes you to your home page. This is the starting point for the work you do on zembly. Figure 2.15 shows your home page with the top-level tabs and the right-side navigation area. From the right-side navigation area you can

  • edit or view your profile,
  • manage your Keychain (a list of API keys for web services),
  • view your favorite zembly things (widgets, services, or applications).
Figure 2.15

Figure 2.15 Your home page is your starting point

From the Things tab, you can

  • see your work in progress,
  • see all the things you own,
  • select one of your things to edit.

From the What’s happening tab, you can see what others are doing (reported in the news feed).

From the People tab, you can

  • view your contacts (other zembly users that you have added to your profile),
  • search zembly for additional contacts.

From the Inbox tab, you can

  • see messages others have sent you,
  • see requests to collaborate that others have sent you.

And the invite your friends button lets you bring your friends into the world of zembly.

Your Profile

Let’s start with your profile. Your profile tells other people about you. Click View your profile, as shown in Figure 2.16. Your profile includes a picture, your description, your contacts, a list of all the things you own, and a time line that shows what you’ve been doing.

Figure 2.16

Figure 2.16 You can Edit or View your profile

You can set your screen name and code name. (You can only set your code name once.) The code name is used to group widgets, services, and applications that you contribute. For example, if your code name is user1234 then people can call one of your published services (say “myservice”) from a widget using something like


Your screen name is a conversationally nice thing you want other people to call you.

People—Adding Contacts

Your contacts are people whom you invite to collaborate with you on creating widgets, services, or applications. Contacts are visible on your profile page. You can also view and search for contacts under the People tab on your home page as shown in Figure 2.17.

Figure 2.17

Figure 2.17 Viewing contacts under People

zembly encourages collaboration when creating and editing services and widgets. Before you can request someone to collaborate with you on a project, you must add them as a contact. You add them by viewing their profile page and selecting the Add as Contact button. Alternatively, search for them from the People tab. Type a word in the search box and hit Search. To add a person to your contacts, simply click the Add to contacts link below the person’s name, as shown in Figure 2.18. If a person is already a contact, you’ll see a message saying so.

Figure 2.18

Figure 2.18 Adding contacts

Once you add contacts, you can then read what they’ve recently done through the news feed and add them as a contributor to one or more things that you own. To view the News Feed, select the What’s happening tab as shown in Figure 2.19.

Figure 2.19

Figure 2.19 Your News Feed reports what your contacts are doing

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