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In this chapter we explored XML, SOAP and Web services, and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000. We discovered how XML is the underlying data format for technologies like SOAP, Web services, and BizTalk Server, and how XSD Schema can be used to create blueprints for XML documents. We studied how SOAP and Web services enable application to application communication using standard Internet protocols like TCP/IP and HTTP. We introduced the basic features of BizTalk Server 2000. We discussed the flow of events for creating business process drawings using BizTalk Orchestration. Also, we talked about the features of Business Document Exchange and BizTalk Messaging Services.

To learn more about building Web services and the gasTIX example, see Chapter 11, "Purchasing a Ticket." For more information on how BizTalk Server is used to integrate the gasTIX website with a third-party fulfillment company, see Chapter 12, "Fulfillment." For a more detailed discussion of the XML, SOAP, or UDDI standards, please visit the websites noted in this chapter.

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