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Troubleshooting the X Window System

My card is not supported by X, what should I do?

You can either use the Frame Buffer Device X Server if your card supports VESA version 2, or you can buy another one that is supported.

Whenever I try to configure the X Window System, I get a server not found in SaX and XF86Setup.

You did not install the package that contains your X server. Check the list of system requirements in the section "Installing the X Window System" previously in this chapter.

The X Window System starts in a different mode than the one I want, what should I do?

If you have used SaX to configure your X Window System, make sure you arranged the resolutions you want. The mode on top will be the first to be used. If you have used XF86Setup, make sure you added the following line in the Screen section of /etc/XF86Config:


When I set up XDM/KDM, the system keeps flashing and I can't access the system.

This occurs if you start to use XDM/KDM without first performing a complete test of a working X system. Try to reboot the system either by holding the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination until it catches the reboot signal or by telnetting to the system and rebooting it. At the lilo prompt, enter linux 2. When the system starts in console mode, reconfigure the X Window System and make sure it works. If it does not work, use YaST to start your system in ASCII login.

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