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Setting Up XDM/KDM

If you hate to start your SuSE Linux in console mode and instead want SuSE Linux to start using a graphical login, you can make this happen by configuring XDM. If you have KDE installed, you can use KDM instead, which provides a powerful graphical login.

To set up XDM or KDM, start YaST and follow these steps:
  1. Choose System Administration, Login Configuration. The Configure Login GUI dialog will pop up (see Figure 3.17).

  2. In the Configure Login GUI dialog, select Login GUI for a graphical login, instead of ASCII.

  3. If you have KDE installed, you will be able to select KDM in the Display manager field; otherwise, it will be disabled and you will be able to use only XDM. Choose KDM, if available. You can learn more about configuring KDM in Chapter 24, "Configuring the Desktop."

  4. Select the Shutdown Behaviour of KDM for all. This will enable anyone to shut down the system by clicking shutdown and confirming the shutdown. You can learn more about this option in Chapter 24.

FIGURE 3.17 You can use YaST to configure the system to start in GUI login mode.

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