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Inserting Special Characters

Dreamweaver automatically inserts the codes for special characters if you know the key sequences for your particular operating system and type them into the Document window. For example, on the Macintosh if you type Option+G to display the copyright symbol, Dreamweaver inserts © into the HTML code. The Characters Objects palette contains some of the most commonly used special characters, as well as an option to display a more extensive character map, where you can select accented and less common characters. When you select a special character from the Characters Objects palette, the corresponding entity reference for that character is inserted in the HTML code.

  1. Choose Window->Objects to display the Objects palette if it isn't already onscreen.

  2. Click on the menu at the top of the Objects palette and select Characters to display the Characters Objects [Figure 3.13].

  3. Click to select the desired special character from the Characters Objects palette or click the Insert Other Character button (last button labeled Other) to display an extended character map [Figure 3.14].

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