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Creating an Ordered List

An ordered list is simply a list that is organized by using numbers, letters, or Roman numerals. The default Ordered List is a numbered list. Ordered lists can be nested within each other to create an outline format in which you specify the order for each level of nesting.
  1. Click and drag to select the text from which you want to create an ordered list.

  2. Choose Text->List->Ordered List or click on the Ordered List button in the bottom-right corner of the Properties Inspector to create the ordered list from your selected text [Figure 3.7].

  3. Choose Text->Indent to create additional levels for the ordered list. Numbers are used for all levels by default [Figure 3.8].

  4. Choose Text->Outdent to return to a previous indent level in the ordered list.

  5. Press (Return)[Enter] twice to end the Ordered List.

You can format text as an ordered list while you type it by choosing Text->List-> Ordered List before you begin typing.
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