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The show Command

When you work in the EXEC modes (user and privileged), several of the commands you use center around examining the various configuration settings and hardware parameters of the router. It has already been mentioned that user mode provides you with a set of commands you can use to examine the router status and that it is actually a subset of commands available to you in the privileged mode.

One of the most useful EXEC commands is show (this cannot be stressed enough). It can tell you everything from the system clock settings to the contents of the running configuration file. The show command will be looked at in more detail at the end of this section.

Another aspect of examining the router status is viewing your current configurations (both the running configuration and the stored startup configuration) and the IOS image (the IOS image is the binary operating system file running on the router). Before we examine these various configurations and IOS image, it makes sense to understand how and where the router stores these various items. The router actually uses different types of memory to run and store files.


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