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Router Mode Summary

Before leaving our discussion of router logons and the user and privileged modes, let's summarize the various router modes available. These will show up on the CCNA exam. Although you will mainly work in the user, privileged, and configuration modes, other router modes exist. Table 3.1 provides a summary of these different modes.

Table 3.1 Router Modes




Basic examination of the router status; limited command set; cannot change configuration.


Greater examination of router status and configuration; capability to change router status and enter configuration mode.


Enables configuration of global router parameters and the entering of specific configuration information for router interfaces and other settings.


The ROM monitor mode; enables recovery of router functions when the IOS image cannot be found (such as a corrupt IOS image). This mode also can be entered by pressing the Break key on a router console during the first minute of the system bootup (this mode can be used to help recall lost passwords on the router).


Initiated on a new router or a router that does not have a valid startup configuration. It walks you through the router configuration in the System dialog box.

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