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Did You Know?

  • Double quotation marks are the only valid characters that can be used to denote strings. Curly (or sexed) quotation marks cannot be used in scripts except as characters inside a string.

  • Some characters (such as the double quotation mark character) can't be included in between the double quotation marks that delineate a string value. If you wanted to display the string She said: "Boo!" in a text field named boo, you can't use the assignment boo = "She said: "Boo!""—an error would be generated. You can use the backslash character to indicate that the following character should be included in the string. The following ActionScript is valid: boo = "She said: \"Boo!\"".

  • When a Flash 4 movie is opened in Flash 5, the program adds the Number function where it determines that string values are used in numeric expressions.

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