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Setting the link, alink, and vlink Colors

You might have noticed during a Web surfing session that hyperlinks are usually in color, and that sometimes the link changes color as you click on it and changes color again after you have visited the page to which the link led you. What you witnessed are the link, alink, and vlink colors. The link color is the color a link will appear before it has been clicked. The alink (active link) color appears while the mouse is clicking the link. The vlink (visited link) is the color of the link after the user has already visited it.

By default, when no color is specified, most Web browsers will display links as blue, alinks as red, and vlinks as magenta. Many Web designers nowadays, however, specify these colors to compliment the color scheme used throughout the rest of the site.


Using nonstandard colors for links can potentially cause Web site visitors some confusion. For a relevant discussion on this topic visit http://www.webreference.com/dlab/books/html-pre/42-3.html#42-3-2.

To Do: Changing Link Colors

If you want to change the colors of these settings, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Page Inspector, if it is not already open, by selecting Window, Inspector from the menu.

  2. Select the small Page icon at the top left of the page by clicking it.

  3. In the Inspector, click one of the color fields showing to open the Color palette, or select Window, Color from the menu.

  4. Choose one of the various tabs at the top of the Color palette and locate the color of your choice. (For more info on the usage of the Color palette, see Hour 1, "Understanding the GoLive Interface.")

  5. Click once on the color. The new color will replace the old one in the color well indicating the color change (see Figure 3.13).

Figure 3.13 Click a color field, select the color of your choice from the Color palette, and click to apply it.

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