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Windows-Specific DNS

I already have a good DNS; must I use Windows 2000 DNS?

Whichever DNS you use to support Active Directory must support SRV records and should support Dynamic Update. You are not required to use Windows 2000 DNS, but you might find it to be the most straightforward choice. For more information on choosing a DNS implementation, see the section "BIND and the Active Directory" in Chapter 6, "Integrating BIND DNS with Active Directory."

Swapping Out WINS for DNS

My company has successfully used WINS for name resolution for years. Do we have to switch to DNS?

You will still need Windows Internet Name Services to support down-level NetBIOS clients such as NT and Windows 9x. However, WINS is not used in any way by Active Directory and does not replace DNS. To install and use Active Directory, you will need a good DNS implementation that supports Active Directory. Windows 2000 DNS is a great choice for supporting Active Directory.

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