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The Workshop contains quiz questions and activities to help reinforce what you've learned in this hour. If you get stuck, the answers to the quiz can be found following the questions.


  1. Why do you need to define a Web site?

  2. What does the Dreamweaver cache do?

  3. True or False: You must go through a conversion process to import an existing Web site into Dreamweaver.


  1. You define a Web site so that Dreamweaver knows where the root of the site is. The directory that you connect to on the remote site is the mirror image of the root on the local site. Also, Dreamweaver places the Library and Templates directory at the site root.

  2. Enabling the cache speeds up some Dreamweaver features such as updating hyperlinks.

  3. False. No conversion process is necessary to import an existing Web site into Dreamweaver.


  1. If you aren't currently working on a LAN, simulate what LAN access would look like by pointing Dreamweaver to a local directory when setting up a Web site. You can simply browse to a local directory on your hard drive while in the Web Server Info category of the Site Definition dialog box.

  2. If you have access to the Internet but do not have an FTP account anywhere, use ftp.macromedia.com as a test FTP Host. Enter your login as anonymous. Click the Connect button when you are connected to the Internet. You will see Macromedia's anonymous FTP area. Don't upload any files here. This exercise is just so you can experience connecting to an FTP server.

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