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In this hour, you learned how to define a Web site and determine its root. You learned how to configure and access the files on the remote server. And you learned how to import an existing Web site into Dreamweaver.


1. I'm importing a site into Dreamweaver that was originally hand coded. Any hints?

You can automatically format the HTML in Web pages by selecting the Apply Source Formatting command in Dreamweaver's Command menu. You might also want to try the Clean Up HTML command on these imported pages to make sure there aren't open tags or incorrect nesting.

2. If I'm uploading my site to the Web server, won't people be able to see my site while it's still in progress?

Yes, if they know the URL. It's better to create a "staging area" somewhere that isn't public on your server as your remote site until you are ready to launch your completed site. When you are finished, you can either upload the entire site to its final location or ask your Webmaster to direct the proper URL to your staging area.

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