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Import an Existing Web Site

When a Web site already exists at a remote site, you need to define the Web site in Dreamweaver, connect to the remote site, and download all of the files in the site to work on it. Remember, you can only edit files that are located on your own machine. You can download and edit an existing site even if it wasn't created with Dreamweaver.

The first time you download the site may take some time, depending on how you are accessing the site and what your network connection speed is. After you initially download all the files, however, you should only need to download any files that change.

To import an existing Web site, all you need to do is mirror the existing site on your local drive. There is no conversion process and the files will remain unchanged in Dreamweaver. To import an existing Web site

  1. Set up both your local and remote info in the Site Definition dialog box.

  2. Get all of the files on the remote site by selecting the top entry in the Remote Site of the Site window. Selecting the top entry, the root folder, selects the entire site. If you select a file, you will get only that file instead of the entire site.

  3. Select the Get button, shown in Figure 3.11, to transfer all of the files on the remote site to your local site.

Figure 3.11 The Get button gets the entire remote site when you connect to the remote site and select the root folder.

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