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How to Close and Retrieve Pages

Closing pages in Dreamweaver and being able to open them again quickly and easily is obviously a necessary part of using the software. This task explains how to do these necessary activities.

Close a Page

To close a page in Dreamweaver, make sure that the page is the current page and choose File, Close. If you haven't already saved a page when you try to close it, an alert box appears asking whether you want to save changes to the file. Click Yes to save an existing file or to display the Save As dialog box if it is a new page. Click No to close the file without saving it; click Cancel to return to the document window without saving or closing the page.

Figure 3.31

Open a Page Using Shortcuts

Shortcuts to the most recent files you have had open are stored at the bottom of the File menu. Open the File menu to see a list of the documents you have recently used. Click the name of the file you want to open.

Figure 3.32

Open a Page Using the Site Window

You can open any page in the current site using the Site window. Choose Site, Site Files to open the Site window. In the list of files in the right pane, double-click the file you want to open.

Figure 3.33

Switch Between Open Pages

As you become more proficient with Dreamweaver, you will work with more than one file open at a time. You can switch between pages very simply by using the Window menu. Open the Window menu; a list of all your open files appears at the bottom of the menu. Click the one you want to make the current file.

Figure 3.34

Use the Open Command

You can also use the File, Open command to access any files on your computer. By default, the Open dialog box opens to the folder you last selected; you might have to browse to find the location of the file you want to open. Select the file and click Open.

Figure 3.35

How To Hints

Opening Files Outside the Current Site

The File, Open command is the only way to access files that are stored outside the site folder you are currently working on. Use this command to edit or look at external files.

Open Files Created in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word files saved in the HTML format include lots of unnecessary HTML tags. To use such a Word file in your site, bring the file into your Dreamweaver site and choose Commands, Clean Up Word HTML. This command removes all the extra tags quickly and easily.

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