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Chapter Summary

In this chapter, we focused all effort on the creation of an Outlook based client management system that was geared to providing added and customized functionality required by ImagiNET's sales force. We began by looking at some of the overall requirements of this solution, and then we built it. This solution, SCOES as we called it, is comprised of two distinct stages. The first stage encompassed the design and publishing of a new Client Contacts form. The process of creating this form involved adding a few more fields, removing some built-in graphic elements on the form, and adding a new form tab that had the capability to connect to a SQL Server and retrieve client order information.

The second stage of this process involved creating a set of customized event handlers that were responsible for transferring all client contact changes or additions to a SQL Server. Actually, we only covered how to build the event handler that was called when new items were posted to the folder; however, you can use all of the information and examples provided here to build the rest of the solution simply enough. The result of this is that every client contact that is added to the Client Contacts public folder is also replicated to the SQL Server.

In the next chapter, Chapter 14, we will further extend the functionality of this solution by adding a certain degree of workflow

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