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This chapter is from the book

    Dear Rackspace Community:

    In the past three weeks, we experienced two service interruptions in our Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) data center. Fanatical Support definitely isn’t easy to deliver during a data center outage. We went through a true test. Were we perfect? No, we weren’t. We can and will do better. But I believe we accomplished something that’s not common enough in the business world—we stayed true to our principles. We were here for our customers, we supported them, we openly communicated, and we put them first.

    We have honored our Service Level Agreement, and millions of dollars have been credited to our affected customers.

    An entirely separate generator and chiller system has been installed to provide additional redundancy beyond the data center’s existing redundancy. This system can power and chill the entire data center.

    An independent team of power infrastructure experts is currently auditing the facility. This process is partially complete and we are awaiting their report and recommendations. Once we have more information, I will post another update to this page.

    Audits are being conducted at all eight of our data centers, not just DFW.

    We have made changes to the leadership and staff at our DFW data center.

    Using lessons learned in these outages, we will move forward with our previously planned 2008 data center investments, which will exceed $100 million.

    Despite all of these efforts, we cannot erase what happened or go on like it never occurred. This is not what you expect from Rackspace. Now we are taking the necessary actions to make things right. Anything less would be unacceptable to our customers. It would be unacceptable to us.

    Sincerely, Lanham Napier, president & CEO, Rackspace

Parts of this message was extracted and put on message boards, blogs, and reviews. The frankness and openness in how the company handled its ecosystem was required, but we can all think of other examples of where the same type of situation was handled differently.

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