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This chapter is from the book
Figure 3

Figure o1.3 Customer testimonials from the confession booth!

It is not just about the online testimonials, but about the passion and the energy that Fanatical Support has embedded into its model. The company chose its value proposition so that it reached such a cord with customers that it caused them to be evangelists. And that is a draw. On its Web site, Rackspace looks at metrics of its “bounce rate,” whether people come to the site and stay or leave. Kleber talks about the “Racker’s Videos” and comments that “the bounce rate has been cut in half over the last year. A lot of the traffic goes to those testimonial videos where prospects sit and look at what customers are actually saying about Rackspace. It’s more powerful to have a customer say what they think than it is to have Rackspace put a bunch of spec points on a Web page. So, we try to institutionalize it. We’ve tried to create that kind of forum online where people can get that feedback. It’s the YouTube generation now, so people want to see the video.”

Application to Your Company

All of the lessons learned we discuss in this book because they are intimately tied together. Here you see the strong value proposition that we discussed in Chapter 4, “Fish Where the Fish Are and Use the Right Bait,” is the critical starting point to form the relationship with the customer. The value proposition must have relevance and if it does, it can be the basis for a

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