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Downloading and Installing LINQ to XSD

The best way to use alpha and beta bits seems to be to put a virtual machine on your workstation or PC. If anything goes wrong, you can delete the virtual machine (file) without any lost productivity. As always, regular backups are a good idea.

Download and install the LINQ to XSD alpha bits. The latest version I've found are the Alpha 0.2 bits. To download LINQ to XSD you can Google for LINQ to XSD, or try downloading the preview from Microsoft.

Once you've installed the LINQ to XSD bits, you should have some new files in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\LINQ to XSD Preview

One key file is the assembly Microsoft.Xml.Schema.Linq.DLL, which you'll need to add to projects in which you want to use LINQ to XSD. You'll also have a LinqToXsd.exe compiler, which does the code generation from the .XSD file. Finally, an MSBuild XML file configures the LINQ to XSD project items for Visual Studio.

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