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When you're looking at changing careers, community is a critical component to making the right change. Whether you are looking at starting your own business and having to hire the right people, or whether you are hiring on to a new company, the people you work with create the work environment.

Even if you primarily work by yourself, you still have to interact with others. You have to sell your goods and services to other people. So who you want to work with is a critical aspect to changing careers.

This article looked at the Top 10 questions that help you define who you want to work with, who is in your community, who is in your network, and (most importantly) who you are.

You also looked at the top 5 strategies for finding your ideal work community. They are questions that can have no right or wrong answers; they're all subjective.

I hope you have written down your feelings, impressions, thoughts, and directions as we have gone through this article.

As you compile your responses and put them together with the responses you gave to the questions in the previous articles, the career change that is right for you should be getting clearer. That is my hope and the intent of this series. Share your ideas with others in your trusted community or network and get their feedback. You might be surprised what the feedback is. You might have to reevaluate who you want to associate with. You never know. Change is ever-changing.

I hope many of you will continue to read along and share your thoughts and ideas with me through email at wyrostekw@msn.com or through http://www.3WsCertification.com and also through the comments sections provided by InformIT at the end of each article. I will gladly respond.

Come back next time and let's look at article 9: What Is the Expected Life Cycle for What You Want to Do? (Time is Everything!)

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