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  1. Top 10 Questions to Help You Define Who You Want To Work With
  2. Top 5 Strategies for Finding Your Ideal Work Community
  3. Conclusion
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Top 5 Strategies for Finding Your Ideal Work Community

Here is the best advice I can offer you as you try to find your ideal community of people to work with.

  1. Define who you are and who you like to work with. Then surround yourself with those people.
  2. Define who you are most comfortable with.
  3. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Give good references, and don't be afraid to ask for a good reference or evaluation. Help others to advance their career, and they might well help you advance yours. You might be working with people who are threatened by your education or skills. Try to deflate the tension and be less threatening. Remember that they are working just like you are to make a living. Try to help them succeed and the work environment will improve. You might have to take the first step.

  4. Be honest, open, and consistent.

    From the time you have your first telephone interview until you resign if you are honest, open and consistent in dealing with your coworkers and bosses, you will have a great working relationship.

    One way to scope out whether these new coworkers can be honest, open, and consistent is to ask a simple question during your interview.

    At the end of every interview, the interviewer asks whether you have any questions. Often you are too scared to ask any. Well here is one I use to assess the work environment. I ask interviewers whether they like their job. It's a great question to ask in an interview. It gives you a good indication if the folks are happy and if they have passion for their jobs. It is also a good indicator if they are honest about their work experience. I have caught many an interviewer off-guard by this question. And thankfully have avoided a number of bad work situations.

  5. Be humble.

    You are there to contribute to the business goal and models. You are not there to prove how much better you are than everyone else. Humility will boost you up the success ladder much faster than lack of humility.

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