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The concepts in Spring web flow are quite compelling in their own right. In my view, this technology gives you rich user interfaces in the web app domain. You're no longer restricted to the old servlet conversational model. In short, you transparently get a lot of power when you use this technology, and much of it is accessed declaratively in XML files.

The example applications that come bundled with the Spring Web Flow distribution are quite easy to understand and execute. They're also deceptively simple, and they form the basis for building your own more complex applications. An obvious extension to the itemlist application is the addition of a database access layer. Spring web flow elegantly incorporates such extensions. Also, you can add a great deal more richness to your user interface with the incorporation of libraries such as RichFaces.

As is the case with Spring in general, web flow gives you easy access to MVC technology. This helps development because your code is partitioned automatically according to a powerful, widely used, time-tested design pattern. This in turn provides the opportunity to separate concerns and embrace model-driven development.

I recommend using web flow—it's concise and powerful, and it doesn't have a high cost of entry.

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