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Communicating the Vision the Wiki Way

Coming up with a reasonable way to socialize, communicate, educate, maintain, and enforce the standards you define within your organization is not usually a problem for small teams. However, within the context of a large organization these tasks can be difficult. Socializing the message to development teams is just the first step. The next part of the process is project enforcement and incorporating a feedback loop to incorporate improvements and additions.

One way to accomplish all these goals are through wikis. They are becoming increasingly popular to accomplish the goal of creating a community around standards. This approach enables you to publish and then maintain standards in a readily consumable manner. PortalPatterns.org (see Figure 2.6) is publicly available and can be used as an example site.

Figure 2.6

Figure 2.6 PortalPatterns.org

This site’s goal is to build community and agreement on standards as well as provide examples for organizations looking to build their own set of standards.

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