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About the primary ROM elements

The primary ROM elements consist of abstract elements from which other elements derive and concrete elements that provide the overall report definition. The following elements are the primary components that form the basis for understanding ROM:

  • DesignElement

    DesignElement is an internal, abstract element used to implement basic features of ROM elements. DesignElement represents any component of a report design that has properties.

  • Listing

    Listing is the abstract base element for lists and tables. Both elements support a data set, filtering, sorting, and methods.

  • MasterPage

    MasterPage is an abstract base element that defines the basic properties of a page.

  • ReportDesign

    ReportDesign contains information about a report design, defining properties that describe the design as a whole. Report design properties do not inherit because a design cannot extend another design.

  • ReportElement

    ReportElement is an abstract report element that represents any item that can be named and customized. Most components in ROM derive from ReportElement, such as data sets, styles, master pages, and report items.

  • ReportItem

    The ReportItem element is the base element for the visual elements. A report item includes a style. The style provides visual characteristics for any element that prints in a report, such as a section or report item.

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