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Knowledge is funny. It is not only what you know, it is how you frame what you know and what others perceive you know. Those are the keys.

You have just looked at the top 10 questions that will help you define what you know how to do and the top 5 strategies for leveraging your knowledge, experiences, and skills. Based on your responses to these diagnostic questions and suggestions, you should have some good ideas of what you know and how to frame it. You also should be getting in touch with how you perceive your skills and how others do. Don't be afraid to ask for help or for another's opinion. You can reject an opinion you don't like. That is OK.

So what do you know?

I hope many of you will continue to read along and share your thoughts and ideas with me through email at wyrostekw@msn.com, through http://www.3WsCertification.com, and also through the comments sections provided by InformIT at the end of each article. I will gladly respond.

Come back next time and look at the sixth question—we'll look at location. Article 7 is Where do You Want to Do What You Want to Do? (Location, Location, Location!).

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