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Spring web services is a mainstream product. It builds on and uses the excellent features of the Spring framework. The use of application contexts, dependency injection, application wiring, etc. puts Spring software pretty much at the leading edge of modern software thinking.

Is Spring web services a technology for everyone? I think so. It's pretty straightforward to get up and running with the technology. I haven't discussed the underlying Java code in this article, but it's not hard to grasp. You can make small changes and then just re-run Maven followed by redeploying on Tomcat. Also, you don't have to use Tomcat; you can use BEA WebLogic or IBM WebSphere application servers.

Building your own web services does require a mental shift. You have to start thinking about things like XSD and schema files. But these are well documented and not too difficult to understand. As more and more companies embrace web services, you can stay ahead of the game by building your own and getting started with this interesting technology. Remember, all good software people have to keep moving up the value chain!

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