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Running the Spring Application

Because we're building just a simple application, we don't have to worry about deploying the application to Tomcat or to an application server. This simplifies the process of running the code!

Installing Ant

Be sure to download and install a copy of Ant:

  1. Download the Ant distribution.
  2. Install and add Ant to the DOS path.

After these steps, just type ant at a DOS command prompt to verify that your installation is correct.

Downloading and Installing the Spring Framework Distribution

Because Spring is a Java framework, the installation consists of very few steps:

  1. Download the distribution and the following file.
  2. Unzip the file and add spring-core.jar to the CLASSPATH.
  3. Add these two Spring JAR files to the CLASSPATH:

Once you've done the above, you're ready to build and run the example application.

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