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Eight Ways to Overcome Obstacles

We have now identified 10 obstacles or restrictions that could limit your ability to change careers. Obstacles are meant to be overcome. Here are eight strategies for overcoming these obstacles as you move towards your dream career.

  1. Stop whining! Everyone has obstacles. Everyone has restrictions and limitations. Don't focus on them. Identify them and overcome them. Focus on the goal, not on the restrictions.
  2.  Ask questions. Do your research and evaluate what you are told. There is a lot of bad information, but there is also a lot of good advice and information out there. And most of all, take your time as you make the career choice.
  3. Surround yourself with a good network of people who will be honest with you and guide you. A good network, a good community, and a good supportive family make the journey a breeze. Without that network, the journey will be bumpy.
  4. Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is inevitable. Learn from your failures and move on. Failure is not the worst thing on a career journey. Not trying is!
  5.  Don't focus on restrictions, obstacles, or limitations!
  6. Focus on options and opportunities. And stay focused.
  7. Be patient. Walk away when you're stuck. This is the mantra of the IT troubleshooter. Take your time. Change your environment when the answer isn't there. It's okay to stop and reevaluate.
  8. Think outside the box! As you evaluate what you want, what you like, and what you can do, don't be stymied by current trends or mindsets. Think about options that are new and different. How can you use what you have in a new and different way in a new career? How can you use what you know in a new and different way? Ask others what they think you could do with your current skill sets. Ask others what you might do based on their understanding of your strengths and weakness. Above all, be honest with yourself.
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