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When Do You Like to Do Something?

One other question related to why you like to do something is this: When do you like to do XYZ? Do you like to do XYZ only at a given time of the year or only for a given audience? Is what you like to do simply a flavor of the month or does it have some real promise for long-term satisfaction? To return to an earlier example, you can like to build decks in the early spring, but do you like to build them in the dead of winter in the upper Midwest?

As an IT instructor, I know there are times of the year when there are no classes to teach. For example from the second week of December until the third week of January, it is virtually impossible to get a class to teach in the United States. Another time that is almost always dead for classes is around the fiscal year turnover (usually from mid-June to early August). Money becomes tight and no one goes to class.

So if I love to teach IT classes, which I do, and I am planning a career, I need to take into consideration that there will be times, when I will be working and down times when I will not. When you like to do something is often controlled by external forces, but if you are aware of them, they can be managed.

So you have to identify what you like to do, why you like to do it, and when you like to do it. WOW!

Now here are some examples from my own career path.

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