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Pingdom Tools

The free tools available from Pingdom, a website monitoring service, load your web page and display its performance as measured from Pingdom's server (probably located in Sweden). The graphical analysis allows you to identify the website components that load slowly.

The report produced by Pingdom tools includes the overall website information, where you can see how many components your website uses. Figure 4 shows the summary information for my personal web programming blog.

Sometimes the results might be catastrophic; for example, the home page of my blog has 50 components, primarily due to the small footers after each post (see the sample footer highlighted in Figure 5), as these footers are generated with FeedBurner JavaScript documents.

The Pingdom tools also produce a time-graph of web page component loading activities. The sample graph produced when analyzing my personal blog is included in Figure 6.

The graph produced by Pingdom tools helps you to analyze the components of your web page and the download time for each component, but it's slightly misleading because it doesn't consider the limitations of actual browsers:

  • Web browsers using a default configuration open only two simultaneous HTTP sessions, whereas the Pingdom tools use up to 10 concurrent sessions.
  • Web page processing is blocked while a JavaScript file is loaded. Pingdom tools load JavaScript files concurrently with other web page components.
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