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Deployment Strategy

Effectively defining a governance plan is only part of what you need to do to ensure the success of your solution. Even with a great governance plan; a complete collection of credible, usable, and relevant content; and a fully tested solution, you can’t just "turn on" the new SharePoint environment and expect users to come running to embrace the new solution with open arms. Your deployment plan needs to capture both the hearts and minds of the user community in order to ensure that the solution will be successful. The following areas should be incorporated in your rollout and launch plan. (Note that these areas are not necessarily sequential—in fact, they pretty much all have to happen at the same time.)

  • Communication. Get the word out by using corporate newsletters, in-person meetings, and hallway bulletin boards to communicate the new SharePoint offering to the user community.
  • Training. Ensure that users and administrators know how to use SharePoint effectively. The most important type of training is site collection administrator training, followed by end-user training.
  • Company handbook. Provide clear instruction on how and when users should work with SharePoint, including what constitutes abuse or misuse of the system, how to keep information secure, when to use SharePoint versus other alternatives, and how to request new functionality.
  • Incentives and rewards. Make sure that users understand what’s in it for them. Get users contributing to SharePoint content, and reward them with gifts, recognition, etc.
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