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Is the LDAP Server Running?

One easy way to determine if the LDAP server is running is with the following command:

ps auwx _ grep slapd

The output from this command should be something like that illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1 The LDAP server is up and running

Notice in Figure 1 that I've also run the ldapsearch command with no parameters. This is just a simple test to ensure that the requisite utilities have all been installed by the above command: sudo apt-get install ldap-utils.

Also in Figure 1, you can see that the OpenLDAP server is in fact running. This is indicated by the entry for the /usr/bin/slapd program. So, the installation of the OpenLDAP server has been successful and we didn't have to call in a Linux guru! So, let's now try a few more LDAP things.

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