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Like this article? We recommend

As mentioned previously, the logs are stored in plain text files in a static location (\Windows\VPhone). As a result, it is trivial to open these files in any text editor and change its contents.

The only caveat is that attention must be given to the byte preceding the fields you are adjusting because it holds the length of the field. If all the lengths are correct, FlexiSPY assumes that the altered file is correct and will accept it without a problem.


This article took a deep look at the latest in spyware for mobile devices. We detailed the files and components of the package, discussed what the files do individually and collectively, and also examined several vulnerabilities in the product that can allow a target to discover who is spying on them, as well as undermine the entire software package as a trustable source of information.

Unfortunately, as the gap between the mobile device and PC keeps shrinking, this kind of program is going to become more prolific and powerful. Equally as regrettable, the simple fact that someone released such a product to the consumer world now means the features are also easily available and reproducible to those with malicious intent.

The only reason why mobile devices have not been targeted is because there was no easy way to gain profit by hacking a phone. However, with the power to capture all correspondence passing through a mobile device, it is not hard to imagine how this type of technology can be used for ill gain. While the developers behind FlexiSPY's release of this product might not have any malicious intent, releasing a product like this also carries with it a significant responsibility to ensure that the technology does not get into the wrong hands. As it is, a malicious hacker has to modify only a few bytes of code to turn this "innocent" product into a customized illegal piece of malware. For this reason, it is completely understandable that antivirus companies have included this software in their database.

The question remains: Do you support this type of product or not?

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