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Accept Change

So, give up hope and ignore your mother.

The first step to making a positive change is realizing that what you are doing now does not work. Requirements, technologies, priorities, teams, companies, everything will change. (See Figure 3.2.) There are things you cannot know until you know them. Give up.

Figure 3.2

Figure 3.2 The futility of fighting change

Now, if we accept these things, we can ask ourselves this question: Given all that, what would a really powerful way to make software look like? That is a good question, the right question, and it is the question about which many of our colleagues today are concerning themselves.

I am not sure we know the answer yet, but I think we are getting close, and we are certainly a lot closer to answering it than we would be if we had never asked.

Change is inevitable. Our process must be a process, therefore, of change.

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