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Installing Eye-Fi and Configuring the Firewall

Once we recovered from our packaging tangent, we removed the USB card reader/Eye-Fi SD card and plugged it into our computer. This caused the Autorun on the card to kick in and display a small dialog window asking what we would like to do with the new device. As Figure 3 illustrates, locating the first step in setting up the Eye-Fi card is a snap, which means the typical user will have no problem getting this device up and running. Features like this are very important because, as Apple as illustrated time and time again, people don't want to be confused when it comes to technology. The easier you make it for them, the more of "them" you will have purchasing your product.

Figure 3

Figure 3 Eye-Fi dialog window

Once you select the Eye-Fi option, the program detects that it is not installed on your computer and asks if you want it installed. Upon confirmation, it launches into a typical Windows installation routine. After the software is installed, it will execute itself (if allowed) and jump right into a Firewall Tuning process (see Figure 4) that tests to see if it can set up a listener on the computer that accepts incoming connections and send out data. As you will see, all these options are necessary if you want to share pictures smoothly between your camera and your PC.

Figure 4

Figure 4 Firewall tuning

After the Firewall Tuning process completes, the program will launch to the system tray and prompt you for configuration. The first thing you should do is run Check for Updates when you click on the system tray icon. We can pretty much guarantee your device will need both an application and firmware update, both of which are very easy to do. Once updated, you can then click on the Open the Eye-Fi Manager from the system icon and configure your device.

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