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7.11 Example: Heading Tag Using Tag Files

In this section, we rewrite the heading example of Section 7.6 (Example: Heading Tag) with a JSP-based custom tag. Outputting the tag body inside a tag file is as simple as providing a <jsp:doBody/> tag. That's it! No additional configurations, no TLD file, and the access to attributes is still the same simple process described in Section 7.10 (Example: Prime Tag with Variable Length Using Tag Files). Just place <jsp:doBody/> where you want the tag body to appear in the final output and you are done.

Listing 7.21 shows the heading2.tag file. It declares quite a number of required attributes and then proceeds to use them as regular scoped variables. We use <jsp:doBody/> to output the body of the tag to the client. Listing 7.22 shows the headings-2.jsp file, which uses the heading2.tag custom tag. Figure 7-8 shows the result of headings-2.jsp.

Listing 7.21. heading2.tag

<%@ attribute name="align" required="true" %>
<%@ attribute name="bgColor" required="true" %>
<%@ attribute name="border" required="true" %>
<%@ attribute name="fgColor" required="true" %>
<%@ attribute name="font" required="true" %>
<%@ attribute name="size" required="true" %>
<TABLE ALIGN="${align}"
      <SPAN STYLE="color: ${fgColor};
                   font-family: ${font};
                   font-size: ${size}px">

Listing 7.22. headings-2.jsp

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<%@ taglib tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" prefix="csajsp" %>
<csajsp:heading2 align="LEFT" bgColor="CYAN"
                 border="10" fgColor="BLACK"
                 font="Arial Black" size="78">
  First Heading
<csajsp:heading2 align="RIGHT" bgColor="RED"
                 border="1" fgColor="YELLOW"
                 font="Times New Roman" size="50">
  Second Heading
<csajsp:heading2 align="CENTER" bgColor="#C0C0C0"
                 border="20" fgColor="BLUE"
                 font="Arial Narrow" size="100">
  Third Heading
Figure 7-8

Figure 7-8 Result of headings-2.jsp.

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