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Creating a Minimal Fedora Live CD

Here’s a quick way to create a minimal Fedora live CD (about 120MB) in the current directory. From the directory where you want the ISO image to be, type the following command as root user:

# livecd-creator -c /usr/share/live-cdtools/livecd-fedora-minimal.ks

If all goes well, livecd-creator should download the packages from a Fedora repository, install the operating system and other packages to the /var/tmp directory, gather the files into a compressed file system, add the boot files, and make the ISO image. The resulting ISO image appears in the current directory under a name that includes the kickstart name and date, such as the following:


Now you can test that the image works, by using a processor emulator such as qemu, or by burning the image to CD. Both of these methods are described later in this article. The resulting fedora-minimal image won’t have a GUI or even a working password. But if it boots, you can proceed to creating your own live CD.

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