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Configuring Windows XP for Multiple Users

Configuring multiple users in Windows XP is similar to the same process in Windows Vista.

Creating a New User Account

To create a new user account in Windows XP, you must be signed in with an Administrator-level account. You then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. From the Control Panel, select User Accounts.
  3. When the User Accounts window appears, as shown in Figure 9.5, select Create a New Account.
    Figure 9.5

    Figure 9.5 Manage all your Windows XP user accounts from the User Accounts window.

  4. When the next screen appears, as shown in Figure 9.6, enter a username for the new account and then click Next.
    Figure 9.6

    Figure 9.6 Entering a username for the new account.

  5. When the next screen appears, as shown in Figure 9.7, select the account type—Computer Administrator or Limited—then click Create Account.
    Figure 9.7

    Figure 9.7 Selecting the new account type.

  6. The User Accounts window is now displayed again. Select the account you just created.
  7. When the next window appears, click Create a Password.
  8. When the Create a Password screen appears, as shown in Figure 9.8, enter a password for this new account and an optional password hint; then click Create Password.
    Figure 9.8

    Figure 9.8 Adding a password to the new user account.

That's it. The new account is now set up and ready to use.

Managing Existing User Accounts

As with Windows Vista, you can edit all your Windows XP user accounts anytime after they've been created. All you have to do is open the User Accounts window and select the account you want to edit. Windows XP now displays the What Do You Want to Change window, shown in Figure 9.9. From here you can change the username, password, picture, and (if you're an Administrator) account type. This window can even be used to delete an account—again, assuming you're an Administrator.

Figure 9.9

Figure 9.9 Editing settings for an existing user account in Windows XP.

Switching Between Users

Windows XP, like Windows Vista, features Fast User Switching so you can quickly and easily switch from one user account to another. All you have to do is open the Windows Start menu and click Log Off; when prompted, click Switch User, and then select a new user to log back on with. Repeat this procedure to switch to the original or another user.

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