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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Is Functions

VBA provides a series of functions to help you trap errors that might arise from data type mismatches. These functions test a value to see whether it's a specified type.

  • IsArray—Checks whether the value is an array
  • IsDate—Checks whether the value is a Date/Time data type
  • IsEmpty—Checks whether the value hasn't been initialized with a value
  • IsError—Checks whether an expression results in an error
  • IsMissing—Checks whether an optional argument has been passed to a procedure
  • IsNull—Checks whether the value contains a Null
  • IsNumeric—Checks whether the value is a number
  • IsObject—Checks whether a variable contains a reference to an object

→ We cover arrays in more detail in Chapter 7, "Working with Arrays."

All these functions use the same syntax, where value is a value or expression being tested:


The functions all return a Boolean data type, either True if the value meets the condition being checked or False if it doesn't.

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