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  • To learn how to add a user to Windows Home Server, see "Adding the User Account," p. 81.
  • For the details on getting your client and server user account passwords in synch, see "Synchronizing the Client and Windows Home Server Passwords," p. 84.
  • For the details on setting up a new share in Windows Home Server, see "Creating a New Shared Folder," p. 193.
  • To learn how to get a computer set up for Remote Desktop connections, see "Getting the Client Computer Ready," p. 229.
  • For the details on connecting via Remote Desktop, see "Connecting via Remote Desktop Connection," p. 228.
  • For a complete look at the various Remote Desktop Connection options, see "Making the Connection to the Remote Desktop," p. 230.
  • For the details on the Registry and using the Registry Editor, see Chapter 20, "Working with the Windows Home Server Registry," p. 577.
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