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Anyone who regularly reads my articles (and thanks, by the way!) will know that the area of automated management is a topic close to my heart. This issue is rarely if ever seen by vendors as anything more than a necessary evil. Management tools are generally added at the end of projects and this is often done in a hurried fashion. The resulting solutions work reasonably well in a single-vendor situation, but can be a nightmare in multivendor scenarios.

The notion that management infrastructure might be a value-add still seems to be a remote possibility at this point. This is probably rooted in the notion that technology delivery is more important than solution delivery.

The other side of this is that outsourcing organizations are quite happy to manage really complex IT systems—the more complex the better because the outsourcing organization can then charge more for its services!

WMI is a good technology solution to the management problem. It is relatively easy to use and code, and it has the merit of being based on a standard model (that is, CIM). The C# language provides good support for WMI and even takes advantage of the highly successful database query language SQL.

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