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Central Support Team (Proceeds to the EMT Headquarters)

This team ensures that adequate space and facilities are provided for the EMT and also assists in setting up and conducting an initial briefing with EMT assigned personnel.

It is necessary to conduct an initial briefing so that the EMT can make command decisions based on substantiated facts. After this initial briefing, the Central Support Team (CST) reviews incoming status, reports on the condition of the facility, filters this information, and passes relevant information to the EMT. The CST also coordinates with the Affected Site Team (AST) on all AST team status reports and restoration recommendations. In addition to first line support to the EMT, CST duties can include the following:

  • Alert the major vendors regarding the situation and requesting their assistance.
  • Provide the vendor names to the AST leader so temporary passes can be issued to help control site assess.
  • Distribute copies of the Recovery Plan or inventory lists to the appropriate recovery function leaders for damage assessment and salvage activities.
  • Request assistance from the utility companies to restore services if required.
  • Direct and/or coordinate recovery personnel to travel to the disaster site and initiate facility damage assessment activities.
  • Activate an equipment/media retrieval function and direct recovery personnel to travel to the disaster site to initiate salvage activities.
  • Process appropriate approvals and coordinate the ordering of replacement equipment based on reports from the AST, including the following:

    Document lists of ordered equipment.

    Designate space for delivery, acceptance, and temporary storage of new equipment along with procedures to manage the delivery, receipt, and storage of equipment. Keep accurate records of equipment ordered and received.

  • Serve as chief liaison between the EMT and all departments, contractors, vendors, insurance companies, clean up companies, and media.
  • Monitor all other facility construction, repair, and restoration; and regularly brief the EMT about the status of those efforts.
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