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This chapter presented an overview of manual and automated configuration methods that can be used to set up a remote database connection using the Configuration Assistant. This tool provides the ability to:

  • Configure both local and remote servers.

  • Import and export access profiles to exchange configuration information with other systems.

  • View and update applicable database manager configuration parameters and DB2 registry variables.

For automated configurations, the discovery service is integrated with the Configuration Assistant and the DB2 Administration Server. To configure a connection to a remote machine, a user would logon to the client machine and run the Configuration Assistant. The Configuration Assistant sends a broadcast signal to all the machines on the network. Any machine that has a DAS installed and configured for discovery will respond to the broadcast signal from the CA by sending back a package that contains all the instance and database information on that machine. The CA then uses the information in this package to configure the client connectivity. Using the discovery method, catalog information for a remote server can be automatically generated in the local database and node directory.

Known Discovery allows you to discover instances and databases on systems that are known to the client machine, and add new systems so that their instances and databases can be discovered. Search Discovery provides all of the facilities of Known Discovery and adds the option to allow your local network to be searched for other DB2 servers. For environments where a large number of clients exists, an alternative is to use a directory service such as LDAP.

The concept of directories within DB2 was discussed as well as how the information contained in the directories is used to access databases, both locally and remotely.

Finally, how to bind the utilities to the server database when the client and server are on different systems was reviewed.

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