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Understanding Profiles and Application Dependencies

Each application covered in this two-part article has its own package requirements. These do not fit into a single profile easily.

The differences in profiles for Sun Fire 12K and 15K and for Sun Fire V1280 and 6800 are mostly in the dynamic configuration packages, so this allows all platforms to share the same profiles for the same applications.

The differences between Solaris OE versions 8 and 9 are major, such that a single profile cannot cover the same applications for the different OE versions.

The requirements for the applications fall into three categories of profiles: support applications, customer applications, and applications requiring X-based executables.

Use these profiles as a baseline for defining a minimized system for a customer's application. By adding the packages needed by an application to the most suitable profile, you can be reasonably certain that the applications detailed in the following sections will function properly.

This section details the applications in these profile groups.

  • "Minimized Support Applications"

  • "Customer Applications"

  • "Applications Requiring X-Based Executables"

Minimized Support Applications

The following applications have no dependencies on X-based software, except where previously noted.

  • Common hardware drivers

  • Dynamic reconfiguration software

  • Capacity On Demand 2.0

  • Sun Management Services 1.3

  • Net Console for Sun Fire 12K and 15K

  • Solaris Secure Shell, without X tunnelling ability (Solaris 9 OE only; this requires X-application packages to be installed)

  • Sun Explorer 4.1

  • Sun Remote Services Net Connect 3.0

  • Sun Management Center 3.5. agent software

  • Solaris Patch Manager 1.0

  • Sun Fire V1280 Lights Out Management 2.0


Capacity On Demand 2.0 and Sun Management Services 1.3 have no domain package dependencies, but are included under this profile for completeness.

Customer Applications

The following applications have some dependencies on X-libraries, due to Java requirements:

  • Sun ONE

  • ORACLE 9i

  • All applications listed in "Minimized Support Applications" on page 30

Applications Requiring X-Based Executables

The following applications make use of X-based programs such as xterm.

  • X-based applications

  • Solaris Secure Shell (Solaris 9 OE only)

  • Sun Validation Test Suite 5.1

  • All applications listed in "Minimized Support Applications" on page 30

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