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Learning more about the solution and downloading it

Get more details about what was covered in this article in the solution excerpt (see Resources for a link). The solution excerpt also describes several other useful extensions to the JDT that are included on the CD-ROM accompanying The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse. To install the solution excerpt, first download it, unzip the project contained in it to your workspace (for example, c:\eclipse2.1\eclipse\workspace), and then import the project into your current Eclipse workspace by selecting File > Import > Existing Project into Workspace.

Important: You may need to add required plug-ins to your workspace so the solution will compile and run. Select Window > Preferences > Plug-in Development > Target Platform and select Not in Workspace. This will assure that the base plug-ins upon which the solution relies will be available during the import and recompilation process.

Once it is imported, you will probably need to switch to the Plug-in Development perspective, select the plugin.xml in the com.ibm.lab.soln.jdt.excerpt project, and choose Update Classpath. This will correct compilation errors caused by differences between your Eclipse installation paths and the solution's.


  • Download the source code used in this article or first browse more details about it.

  • The eclipse.org Web site is the home of Eclipse.

  • This article's solution is based in part on the companion solution in Chapter 26 of The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse, by Sherry Shavor, Jim D'Anjou, Dan Kehn, Scott Fairbrother, John Kellerman, and Pat McCarthy (Addison Wesley Professional, 2003; ISBN 0321159640).

  • Find more resources for Eclipse users on developerWorks.

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